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Student services and support programs


Mitchell State School has access to a Scripture Union (SU) Chaplain one day a week. Services provided by the school chaplain include:

  • Facilitation of the ‘Shine’ program for Years 7 - 10 girls
  • Facilitation of the 'FRIENDS’ program for Prep - Year 6 students
  • Facilitation of the "Bridge Builders" program for Years 5/6 students
  • Individual/small group counselling
  • Drumbeat for Junior Secondary students


Mitchell State School works with a range of Inter-agencies for the improvement in welfare and learning of our students. These include:

  • Maranoa Regional Council
  • Youth Support Co-ordinator
  • Allied Health

Guidance officer

A Guidance Officer visits Mitchell State School on a weekly basis. The guidance officer will work with staff and students to assist with the development of appropriate programs and improve the learning outcomes of students.

Learning and wellbeing

Learning and Wellbeing is a crucial part of the development of the whole child. At Mitchell State School, secondary students engage in a program called 'MiWellbeing'. The foundation for this program is our school's learning and wellbeing framework (PDF, 237 KB).

Closing the Gap

Mitchell State School staff work with the curriculum to close the gap in learning outcomes for indigenous students. For more information, please see our Closing the Gap - 2012 report (PDF, 263 KB).

National Partnerships

The Smarter Schools National Partnership Agreement Low Socio-Economic Schools program will deliver high-quality programs from 2011-2015 to improve teaching quality, literacy and numeracy development of young people, and provide specific support for students at Mitchell State School. This initiative will enable government allocation of funding and support to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes of students and to implement a range of reform strategies that will support students, including Indigenous students and students with disabilities further improve their learning. Mitchell State School employs a highly skilled literacy coach to coach teachers in the explicit teaching of reading as part of this program. For more information, please see our school's national partnerships 4 year plan (PDF, 314 KB).